The Luppitt Tithemap

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Map of the Parish of Luppitt

Barnfield Farm Barn Farm Beacon & Red Doors Church, Vicarage, & Luppitt Inn Calhayes & Mountstephens Hillend Higher Shelvin Lower Shelvin Blackenfields and the Mill Yard Woodhayes Shaugh Ford Whitehall & Whitcombe Smithenhayes Halsdon Lower Wick Roleshays, Palmerhays, & Wick Greenway Pulshayes Moorlands Lake, Scotshayes Newhouse Winsor and Lamberts Stoneacre Combeshead Overday Gulleyhayes Gullay Lane & Ararat Turfhouse Mathayes Odel Farms Pitt, Lowmans, & Beacon Goulds & Snooks Honeywells, Cott, & Marlpits Dolish, Sparrows Cross, & Colehill Shelves & Antelope Shelf Farm Sharcombe Odel Cottage