School Register

(information compiled by Grahame Smith)

You can view a name index and complete scan of the Luppitt School register using the links below. The register covers all attendees from the date the school opened in July 1873 to when it closed in the 1960's. There is also a Pulmans weekly news article discussing the school closure.

You are welcome to use the information below for your research, but please reference the Luppitt History Group if the work is to be disseminated.


Surname Index (the numerical code following name refers to pupil entry number in register - see the scanned pages section below)


Text File


Column heading descriptions (the column headings changed at various times)


Text File


Title Page and scanned register index pages




Scanned register pages






A 'Pulman's Weekly News' article (18/01/1966) discussing the closure of Luppitt's school. Source: John Sage


Newspaper article