Other Information

(Majority compiled by Grahame Smith)

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Extracted Assize records Word 6 Doc Text file
List of Bastardy Orders Word 6 Doc Text file
Information related to Luppitt Commons Word 6 Doc Text file
Extract from the Devon Muster roll of 1569 Word 6 Doc Text file
WWII Evacuees homed at Luppitt, including where they came from Word 6 Doc Text file
Extracted information about Luppitt Men involved in the Monmouth Rebellion Word 6 Doc Text file
Removal orders detailing movements from and to Luppitt Word 6 Doc Text file
An alphabetical listing of people named in the Removal orders document Word 6 Doc Text file
Extracted sections from the Devon subsidy rolls (1524 - 1545) Word 6 Doc Text file
Information from Devon Tax records (1581 - 1660) Word 6 Doc Text file
Luppitt Tithe Map apportionments (1842) (Also see the tithemap pages) Word 6 Doc Text file
Assorted Trade directories between 1850 and 1935 Word 6 Doc Text file
1653 Indenture between Alexander Popham and Isatt Catford regarding a large part of Sharcombe, which Popham had by the death of Joan Horsey, and is selling to Isatt Catford, her son Walter, a Richard Nowell and a Richard Verrtu/ie, all of Boomer (?) North Petherton Somerset . Extracted summary and transcription provided courtesy of Elizabeth Howard and Gerald Rogers. Original: Somerset Record Office DD/ PO t 2 Word 6 Doc Text file
The Rogers Family of Luppitt. A comprehensive history, researched and produced by Gerald Rogers of Penzance. Information provided courtesy of Mr. Gerald Rogers Word 6 Doc Text file
'Share Certificates' issued to those who donated to the appeal to provide electric lighting in the Church (1950's). Source: J. Sage Front cover Inside pages
A 1956 Whiteways Cyder Company delivery note for the delivery of a cask of "rough cider" to the Luppitt Inn. Source: Grahame Smith Note
Copies of a deed and indenture related to Luppitt. Source: Ms E. Howard Deed text file Indenture text file
An 1827 letter from Lord Sidmouth to the Luppitt Commoners, detailing his apportionment of grazing rights to farmers and their estates. The front page details his decision, and the inside page lists each farmer, their estate, and the number of sheep they are permitted to graze. The original was given to John Sage by Mr A. J. Rokes, Spurtham, Upottery on 25/11/1966 Unreadale sections in the paper fold of the Grazing rights page are: Under John Apling: Same Under Rolehays: Holwood Under Alice Moore: William Wright Under Part of Town: Combeshead; Hoskyn's Overday Under 3rd fold: John Bishop Under Warren's Odell: Snook's Letter Grazing rights

Award to Lieut. W. J. Walden from Lt-Gen E. A. Osborne and No. 4 (Luppitt) Platoon 'D' Coy., 19th Seaton Bn. Devon Home Guard.

Remaining wording on the gift is:

"As a token of appreciation for his unstinted services to the Platoon. Lt.-General E. A. Osborne, C.B., D.S.O., C-S-M. A. G. Hooper, Sergt J. Sage, Sergt. A. J. Crabb, Sergt., J. Edwards, Sergt. E. Venables, Sergt. W. J. Perkins, Sergt. T. Warren, Cpl. A. Braddick, Cpl. F. T. Braddick, L/Cpl. A. W. Corrick, Cpl S. C. Ewinds, Cpl. D. Fone, l/Cpl. E. Manley, Cpl. A. E. Manley, Cpl. T. P. Martin, L/Cpl. R. C Pragnell, L/Cpl. H. J. Thorne, Pte. W. Agar, Pte. W. Ayres, Pte. A. F. W. Blackmore, Pte. D. Buck, Pte. R. C. Burgess, Pte. R. Carter, Pte. A. Clapp, Pte. G. Clapp, Pte. C. Coles, Pte. C. Crabb, Pte. A. Dare, Pte. L. Drew, Pte. B. A. Finn (Revd.), Pte. D. P. Godfrey, Pte. B. Hancock, Pte. W. Hancock, Pte. W. Hart, Pte. J. Larcombe, Pte. E. Loveridge, Pte. L. Manville, Pte. L. Marker, Pte. R. J. Middleton, Pte. S. J. Middleton, Pte. F. J. Pulman, Pte. K. Pulman, Pte. L. J. Pulman, Pte. R. R. Pulman, Pte. L. Rock, Pte. R. Rosewell, Pte. L. Rowland, Pte. S. O. Sparks, Pte. G. Spilller, Pte. E. Thorne, Pte. H. Toomey, Pte. F. Tottle, Pte. T. F. Tottle, Pte. T. Travers, Pte. S. F. Valentine, Pte. G. Warren, Pte. J. Wilson, Pte. A. F. C. Wright, Miss N. Crabb, Miss O. M. Sage."


Photographs of Greenway 'Target'. Originally used for rifle practice, and dug out of an earth bank at Greenway farm. Shortly to be put on display outside Luppitt village hall.

Old target advert


Target closeup